Slag Remover

No.1 performance in the world.

Gathering well and less number of times for slag off.

Low specific gravity get better workability.

Hard to adhere to furnace wall.

Total cost can be reduced by better workability and better productivity.

Carrier of agricultural chemicals      (Base material)

Due to the impregnation of pesticide into porous area, it is different from other liquid type one and can remain the field longer to have a great effect for a longer period.

Ishikawalite is inorganic natural mineral and friendly to environment..

Granule type makes it easier for scatter even at the bad place of water supply.


It has many air hole=porous area, and so its good air permeability provide more oxygen to the roots, then plants grow well.

Both good water permeability and good water-holding property of the soil can prevent root rot. It effect on drought prevention.

When Ishikawalite mix with culture soil in the pot, it will be easier to carry because the weight become lighter.

It is slightly acid (pH 4.5-6.5), so soil without harmful effects.

By heat treatment drying, Ishikawalite does not contain any organic substance or bacteria.

Water-absorbing power is high and possible for storing the fertilizer inside.

Soil mixture with Ishikawalite can be changed to ideal culture soil.

Filter medium

Perfectly suit for the filtering at aquariums and swimming pools required for the high performance.

High absorption of sebum or scurf generated from a human body into the porous holes.

Keep high absorption on odor, color matter, ammoniac nitrogen etc.

Enough hardness despite its porosity and it can be used longer period.

Because of its porous nature, the contact surface with water is large and the filtering effect is good.