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Material to extract residue

• Slag and foreign substances contained in molten metal can be collected and removed easily.
• A smaller volume of ISHIKAWALITE reduces formation of slag in the molten metal.
• The product spread evenly on the surface of molten metal facilitates collection of slag and foreign substances to prevent contamination in casting.
• Our products are manufactured in a dedicated factory to maintain a consistently high quality.
• The product prevents the glare of molten metal when ladles are handled, making work easier.
• The product will not change the components of molten metal.
• It is easier to store and manage the product than straw ash or chaff, and the product does not require much space.
• The gravity of the product is lighter than those of obsidian and perlite, and less of it is required for spreading for it to be effective.

1. Fill a ladle, scoop, etc. with ISHIKAWALITE, take it close to the molten bath and sprinkle. While foaming, a film will quickly be created equally on the surface of the molten metal, and bond with the slag to form foamed substance. Remove this foamed substance by catching it with a stick. Then, you can obtain the appropriate molten metal.
2. The amount used differs according to the type of molten metal, capacity of the ladle and melting furnace, and the purpose of use. Generally, sprinkle about 0.3 ~ 0.6 liters of ISHIKAWALITE per ton.
3. It is not necessary to spread a large volume, as is done with straw ashes. Our slag remover can achieve a sufficient effect with a smaller volume.
While this product is foaming, there is a slight possibility that it may pop. Be careful not to be burned, and maintain a safe distance when handling the product.

[Product List]
ISHIKAWALITE 2 Application  Stainless, Special steel (precision casting)
Temperature 1600 - 1800
Melting furnace Electric furnace
Particle size 4.0mm or less
Bulk Density*1 0.4 - 0.75

ISHIKAWALITE F2 Application  Stainless, Special steel (precision casting)
Temperature 1600 - 1800
Melting furnace Electric furnace
Particle size 2.8mm or less
Bulk Density*1 0.55 - 0.85

ISHIKAWALITE 3 Application  Stainless, Tag tile casting, General casting
Temperature 1500 - 1600
Melting furnace Electric furnace, Cupola
Particle size 1.7mm or less
Bulk Density*1 0.65 - 0.95

ISHIKAWALITE 4 Application  Tag tile casting, General casting
Temperature 1300 - 1500
Melting furnace Electric furnace, Cupola
Particle size 1.0mm or less
Bulk Density*1 0.75 - 1.0

ISHIKAWALITE 5 Application  Tag tile casting, General casting
Temperature 1300 - 1400
Melting furnace Electric furnace, Cupola
Particle size 0.5mm or less
Bulk Density*1 0.8 - 1.05

ISHIKAWALITE 6 Application  General casting
Temperature 1200 - 1300
Melting furnace Electric furnace
Particle size 0.355mm or less
Bulk Density*1 0.85 - 1.1

The above are standard values and not guaranteed. Contact us for details.
*1 Bulk gravity: When measuring the specific gravity of crushed stones, it is difficult to saturate all of the gaps with water, as there are many in the rock. Therefore, an expedient method is used to obtain the specific gravity, where the volume is calculated from the dimensions of formed stones and divided by the mass.
The product color may differ depending on the strata, but color differences do not affect the quality.
The specifications and standards of the products are subject to change without prior notice.
As ISHIKAWALITE is a natural material, all of the products may not conform to the above data.

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