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Product guide
ISHIKAWALITE is a natural material consisting mainly of SiO2 (silica), a pale yellowish white sandy pumice stone (natural rhyolitic glass).
The main feature of ISHIKAWALITE is that its particles have countless air holes that produce a large surface area, making it scientifically stable and lightweight. It is attracting a great deal of attention for its suitability as a slag remover. In order to provide a stable supply of high-quality products, we carry out our manufacturing in a factory equipped with the latest technology and quality management system; it is there that all of the manufacturing processes, including washing, high-temperature drying, and sifting take place.

Characteristics of ISHIKAWALITE

Main composition
(Chemical symbols)
 Analytical value
 Silicic anhydride(SiO2)68.00
 Iron oxide(Fe2O3)1.60
 Calcium oxide(CaO)0.72
 Magnesium oxide(MgO)0.08
 Potassium oxidize(K2O)4.00
 Sodium oxide(Na2O)3.80
 Titanium oxide(TiO2)0.09
 Ignition loss(Ig.loss)3.00

Microphotograph of ISHIKAWALITE (×500)

Absorption rate 29.2% (JIS:R:A5208)
Porosity test 77.6% (ISHIKAWALITE 1) (JIS:R:2614)
PH test 5.5-6.5
Acid resistance test
      60 Be sulfuric acid, Be sulfuric acid + concentrated nitric acid 2.3% . . . Unchanged
      30 Be sulfuric acid, Be sulfuric acid + concentrated nitric acid 2.3% . . . Unchanged
      ISHIKAWA LITE is a natural glass (SiO2), and is extremely stable scientifically.
Refractoriness SK3a (C1,140) (JIS:R:2204)
Thermal conductivity
      180.5  0.280Kcal/mh
      302.5  0.348Kcal/mh
Freezing test, Left the product for 24 hours at -20 . . . Unchanged (JIS:A:5208)
Saturated permeation factor 2.5×10-2m/s
*  As ISHIKAWALITE is a natural material, all of the products may not conform to the above data.

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